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DeSantis Silent As Court Allows Oil Drilling in the Everglades

DeSantis Ran as a Champion of The Environment, but Goes Dark on Everglades Drilling — Even as Democrats and Environmentalists Speak Out

Is Ron DeSantis still a sham environmentalist?


Last year, DeSantis ran as a champion for the environment — but now is silent on a recent court ruling that will expand oil drilling in the Everglades.

Even as environments and Democratic legislators speak out against the new court ruling — and fight for solutions to prevent the expansion of drilling in Florida — DeSantis has said nothing. His failure to denounce the court ruling and to work with the legislature to block further drilling is just the latest example of DeSantis’ hollow words when it comes to environmental issues.

“Ron DeSantis’s silence on the latest court ruling expanding oil drilling in the Everglades is a profile in cowardice. Instead of standing up to big polluters like he promised, Ron DeSantis is silent. DeSantis should be using his bully pulpit to denounce the destruction of Florida’s natural heritage. Instead, DeSantis is once again carrying water for special interests. DeSantis’ silence speaks volumes about his allegiance to the fossil fuel industry,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe.

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