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Representative Holly Raschein Gets Caught Carrying Dirty Water for Big Polluters

Raschein’s Faux Fracking Ban Is a Giveaway to the Fossil Fuel Industry. After Today’s Committee Meeting, Raschein Can No Longer Claim She’s A Champion for the Environment.

During a disastrous House Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee meeting today, Representative Holly Raschein was caught red-handed selling out to the fossil fuel industry. Raschein claimed that a bill she’s sponsoring would ban fracking in the state. Yet as environmental groups and even Republicans made clear, the legislation included giant loopholes that would essentially let the fossil fuel industry frack in Florida.

Raschein’s bill would allow matrix acidizing — which is one of the most likely fracking techniques to be used in Florida because of the state’s unique geology. Even the Republican Vice Chair of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Chuck Clemons admitted that the bill would not completely ban fracking because it blocks only two of the three fracking techniques.

In striking contrast, a bill introduced by Senator Bill Montford, which passed the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee today, would ban matrix acidizing and has the support of environmentalists.

“Holly Raschein’s so-called ‘fracking ban’ is actually a gift to the fossil fuel industry. Raschien is willing to endanger the drinking water and well-being of every Floridian just to curry favor with dirty special interests,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Today, Raschein got caught red-handed carrying water for the fossil fuel industry — and completely destroyed her carefully cultivated reputation as an environmentalist.”

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