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Trump's Meeting with Venezuelans Cannot Hide Administration's Record on Deporting and Detaining Venezuelans

Trump’s deportation machine is still working full mode, punishing people looking for asylum in the United States. Democrats continue to push for protections for immigrants and Venezuelans fleeing repression

While Donald Trump is trying to court the Venezuelan community in the United States, he cannot run from his atrocious record on denying immigrants from Venezuela asylum. The Trump administration has denied almost half of the Venezuelan applicants looking for asylum in the US, and this number will continue rising due to Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration. Despite several pushes in the legislature to grant Venezuelans TPS, Trump has yet to take action on it.

FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on his upcoming visit, calling on Trump to take action and grant Venezuelans who are fleeing Maduro’s cruel regime Temporary Protected Status:

“President Trump is two-faced on the Venezuela issue. He talks about fighting the Maduro regime, but his administration keeps deporting and detaining Venezuelans fleeing repression from the Maduro regime. At a time of deepening crisis, the Trump administration continues punishing Venezuelans refugees looking for freedom, showing how his deportation machine is still in full mode against our immigrants. The United States needs to grant a Temporary Protection Status to Venezuelans immediately.”

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