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Senate Republicans Want to Destroy Public Education, Put Guns In Our Schools

Today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on Senate Republicans’ education plans:

“Senate Republicans’ education plan would destroy our public schools and put our children’s safety at risk. The GOP’s unconstitutional proposal will leave our public schools underfunded, unsafe, and unable to provide our children with a quality education. Senate Republicans today made clear they want to give our teachers a gun — but won’t give them the resources they need to ensure our kids get a first class education.

“The fact that Senator Manny Diaz — who is literally on the payroll of the charter school industry — presented this plan shows a level of corruption that is shocking even for Tallahassee. This is pay-to-play politics at its worst — and it is devastating that our kids are the ones who will have to suffer. While Republicans wage war on public education, I couldn’t be prouder and more grateful for Leader Gibson and our Democratic Senators, who are leading the fight to save public education in our state.”

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