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FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo on Ron DeSantis's State of the State Address

Today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on Ron DeSantis’s State of the State address:

“Ron DeSantis showed his true colors today as a far right politician who is determined to destroy our public schools, demonize our immigrant communities, and do nothing to expand access to health care. On education and immigration, DeSantis sounded more like a protege of Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos than a governor who will put Florida first. On health care, DeSantis made clear he will do nothing to expand access to care for the hundreds of thousands of Floridians who lack insurance. As session begins, I want to make clear that Florida Democrats will never be afraid to stand up for our values and we will forcefully oppose DeSantis’s efforts to divide our state and impose a Betsy Devos-inspired voucher scheme.”

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