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Florida Democrats Release New Sunshine Deal Budget, Setting Priorities for 2019 Legislative Session

The First Democratic Budget in Decades Prioritizes Raising Teacher Pay, Expanding Health Care, Tax Cuts for Working Families, and Environmental Protection

Today, Florida Democrats released the New Sunshine Deal, a progressive and fiscally responsible budget that will raise teacher pay, clean up our environment, provide tax cuts for working families, rebuild communities devastated by Hurricane Michael, and invest in environmental protection. At a press conference today, House Democratic Leader Kionne McGhee and the House Democratic Caucus unveiled the budget and discussed how it will lift up Florida’s working families. The press conference was the first time Democrats have put forward their own budget document in decades.

Read the full budget here.

“The New Sunshine Deal is progressive, fiscally responsible, and solves the urgent challenges that Republicans have ignored for decades. By proposing common-sense investments in our families, communities, and businesses, Democrats are building the foundation of a strong economy that works for everyone,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo. “The New Sunshine Deal Budget does what Republicans have failed to do for years — raise teacher pay, invest in environmental protection, and expand health care — while at the same time providing tax cuts for working families and putting millions into reserves.”

The budget is entirely paid for by closing tax loopholes that have for years benefited special interests and corporations at the expense of small businesses. While both the Democratic budget and Governor Ron DeSantis’ budget are within one percent of one another in terms of cost, the New Sunshine Deal — unlike DeSantis’ proposal — provides tax breaks for working families, additional investments in our environment and public education, increased affordable access to healthcare — while at the same time adding more than $700 million to the state’s reserves.

The New Sunshine Deal Budget specifically proposes:

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