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Ron DeSantis and Republican Legislators Are Responsible for Trying to Create a New Poll Tax in Florida

Today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on the legislation to overturn Amendment Four passed by the Florida Senate Committee on Criminal Justice:

“Today, Republicans in the State Senate voted to overturn the will of the people and violate the constitutional rights of returning citizens. This bill is an unconstitutional poll tax that recalls the darkest moments of our state’s history and let’s not forget that the roots of today’s crisis lie with Governor Ron DeSantis’ refusal in December to implement Amendment Four.

“Instead of leading, DeSantis has punted this issue to the legislature and has empowered Republican legislators to try to violate the constitution by instituting a new poll tax in Florida. The actions of Governor DeSantis and Republican legislators are a national embarrassment and a moral abomination.”

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