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House Republicans Approve Anti-Immigrant Bill HB 527

Florida Democratic Party Spokesperson Luisana Pérez released the following statement after Republican state representatives voted to advance HB 527 in the Florida House:

“Today is a sad day for Florida. House Republicans today sold out their communities to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis by passing this xenophobic and discriminatory bill. It’s abhorrent that Republican members who represent immigrant communities are now turning their backs on their constituents and jeopardizing their safety.

What will House Republicans say to the members of the Venezuelan and Cuban communities who will be deported and detained under this bill? How will they face immigrant families being separated as a consequence of this bill? HB 527 will destroy the social fabric of our state, hurt hard-working immigrant families, devastate our agriculture industry, and damage our economy. Florida has long stood as a beacon for immigrant communities — and today Republicans did the best they could to destroy that reputation.”

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