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Florida Democrats Stand in Support of Democracy for Venezuela

Today, Florida Democratic leaders released the following statements in support of Interim President Juan Guaidó and in solidarity with Venezuelans taking to the streets to fight for their freedom and democracy:

Congressman Darren Soto

“We stand with the brave people of Venezuela in their fight for freedom. While Interim President Juan Guaidó called for the Venezuelan military to join and defend democracy, what we’re witnessing today is not a military coup. The uprising today is the result of courage from citizens who have suffered long enough. The United States continues to call for free and fair elections in Venezuela. Maduro’s days are numbered. This is history in the making!”

Congresswoman Val Demings

“We stand with Venezuela as they raise their voices and fight for human rights, dignity, justice and freedom. America, in the words of Dr. King, ‘the time is always right to do what’s right.'”

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

“I’m closely monitoring the situation as Venezuelans seek to restore legitimate democracy in their country. I have heard heartbreaking stories from individuals who have fled violence, hunger, and a lack of medical resources in Venezuela — stories from members of my community in South Florida and Venezuelans I met while visiting the Colombia-Venezuela border with my colleague Representative Donna Shalala. We stand with those peacefully demanding an end to the devastating humanitarian crisis and corruption in Venezuela.”

Congresswoman Donna Shalala

“Today, the Venezuelan people along with Interim President Juan Guaido take to the streets to fight for democracy, we stand with them. Since Guaidó assumed the role of Interim Presidency, Venezuelans have seen their hopes for freedom and true democracy begin to return. The only person trying to undermine democracy is Nicolas Maduro. Maduro and his cronies need to step down immediately. He has illegitimate seize power after the 2018 fraudulent elections. Venezuela urgently requires calls for free, fair and inclusive elections.”

Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

“As the first congresswoman born in South America elected to Congress, I understand what a corrupt, illegitimate and dictatorial regime like Maduro does to a country. Today we are seeing the courage of the Venezuelan people fighting to restore their democracy. My message is simple and direct for the armed forces defending Maduro: I ask them to stop oppressing the Venezuelan people so they can restore their democracy and be free. I’m supporting 100% to Juan Guaido.”

State Senator José Javier Rodríguez

“I reiterate my support to President Juan Guaido and Venezuelans in their fight for democracy. Venezuelans will soon achieve freedom and have free and fair elections. I will work tirelessly to provide them with the help they need to rebuild their country.”

State Senator Annette Taddeo

“Today, Venezuelans are in the streets fighting for freedom along with their President Juan Guaidó. Thousands are pouring the streets claiming for democracy, but it is of grave concern that we see how Maduro and his cronies are attacking, repressing and literally trampling protesters in an effort to remain illegally in power. The time for rhetoric has passed. All of us who actually respect the principles of human rights, liberty, and a democratic government should support the Venezuelan people’s fight for freedom.”

State Representative Richard Stark

“I proudly stand with the brave people of Venezuela who have continued to fight and protect their right to freedom and liberty despite the brutal dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. For too long, Venezuelans have been robbed of free and fair elections and I want to reiterate that I stand with Interim President Juan Guaidó on this important day. I will continue to support the people of Venezuela in their fight to take back their country.”

State Representative Cindy Polo

“I am deeply inspired by the actions from the Venezuelan people, but it breaks my heart how are they being treated. Maduro continues attacking and sending his forces against the Venezuelan people, in his efforts to remain in power. We need to keep working to provide Venezuelans with the tools they need to end the Maduro regime. We must continue the fight to increase humanitarian aid to Venezuelans, to grant temporary protected status to Venezuelans in the US and to continue sanctioning Maduro and his cronies.”

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