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Florida Democratic Party and Andrew Gillum Launch Joint Voter Registration Program

The Florida Democratic Party and Florida Forward Action announced a joint voter registration effort ahead of the 2020 primary election, with the goal of turning Florida Blue in 2020 and, as Mayor Andrew Gillum stated, “build a progressive movement in this state that will last a generation.”

During the event, Mayor Gillum announced that Florida Forward Action would invest $100,000 into the Florida Democratic Party’s voter registration efforts. Earlier this year, Mayor Andrew Gillum and the Florida Democratic Party announced a voter registration goal of over 1.2 million new voters ahead of the 2020 primary. Today’s announcement was held on May 16, at the University of South Florida, Amphitheater at Marshall Center.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, discussed the importance of registering voters ahead of the election:

“The Florida Democratic Party will register 200,000 voters before the 2020 Presidential primary. And, if we are successful, Donald Trump will not have a chance in Florida and Democrats will put a President in the White House.”

Rizzo stressed the importance of the success depending on a “statewide coalition effort.”

“Today, we are announcing a partnership with Florida Forward Action. Mayor Gillum. Mayor and Forward Florida are investing $100,000 to expand our voter registration efforts and the Florida Democratic Party has added our name to the long list of progressive organizations coordinating efforts with Forward Florida to meet expand the electorate in Florida.”

Rizzo also discussed the launch of Organizing Corps 2020 and FDP’s hiring of 90 paid organizers who begin on June 10 and will focus on registering voters and organizing communities across the state:

“On June 10, more than 90 Florida Democratic Party organizers will begin registering voters, organizing communities and building the infrastructure we need to win. More than half of our new organizers speak Spanish, nearly 20 percent speak Creole and two-thirds speak two or more languages. We have our eyes on the next generation and together we will organize our state, register voters, and win in 2020.”

Andrew Gillum addressed the importance of the 2020 election and that registering voters today was about both the upcoming election and building a progressive movement that could last a generation:

“Here’s the truth: if the same people show up to the polls in 2020 as showed up in 2016, Donald Trump could win a second term.

We all know what’s on the line in 2020. Our healthcare is on the ballot. Workers rights are on the ballot. Our schools and teachers are on the ballot. Children being separated from their families are on the ballot. Women’s right to decide over their own bodies are on the ballot. Clean air, clean water, and the future of earth are on the ballot. Gun laws are on the ballot.

That’s why I’m so excited to partner with the Florida Democratic Party as well as some of the most dedicated grassroots organizations in our commitment to register new voters ​— to turn Florida blue, elect Democrats in Florida, and defeat Donald Trump.”

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