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Florida Democrats Want Answers, Demand Seat at the Table for Voter Security

On May 15, Florida Democrats issued a public records request for the non-disclosure agreement that Governor Ron DeSantis signed and all correspondence between the governor’s office and the FBI related to the Russian hacking of Florida’s election systems.

Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Juan Peñalosa released the following statement:

“Two days ago we learned that then-Governor Rick Scott failed to keep our 2016 elections secure from Russian hackers. And now Governor DeSantis has revealed he is part of the cover-up. It has been forty-eight hours and Governor DeSantis is still refusing to update Florida voters on the hack of our elections systems. On behalf of Florida voters, Florida Democrats demand that the FBI and Governor DeSantis release information. In addition, the Florida Democratic Party expects to have a seat at the table when preparing Florida for 2020 to ensure voters are protected.”

A copy of the letter is available on the Florida Democrats website.

The public records request specifically asked the Executive Office of the Governor to hand over the non-disclosure agreement, letters between the governor’s office and the FBI and any and all notes taken by the governor or his staff in meetings that discussed the Russian hacking.

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