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GOP Representative Mike Hill Should Resign After Homophobic, Anti-Christian Hate Speech

After learning Representative Mike Hill joked about putting gays to death, and cited Christianity as his reference point, Florida Democratic Party’s Executive Director Juan Peñalosa issued the following statement:

“Representative Mike Hill has reinforced his support of hateful and divisive legislation in the Florida legislature with hateful and divisive speech in every-day life. As a gay man and a Christian, my stomach turns to hear elected leaders who think it’s acceptable to make jokes about putting people like me to death in the name of Jesus. And as a Floridian, I’m outraged that he has been elected to office. Representative Hill needs to resign and the Governor and the leaders of the Florida GOP must reject his remarks. I also hope Mr. Hill’s spiritual leader has a long conversation with him to remind him the teachings of our Lord – and if he doesn’t have one, I’m happy to introduce him to my Pastor.”

Rep. Hill took to Twitter to claim reports of his homophobia are “fake news” but a quick search of his account shows his Twitter is a homophobic dumpster fire:

“They all cross their legs like they are gay.”

The “homosexual movement is God’s judgement.”

“America is already being judged. Witness the homosexual movement and abortion.”

“Gays will not demand that a black church marry them. Watch.”

Claims media will only show a Trump supporter and Black Lives Matter activist hug “if they are gay.”

“Rose Parade Subverted to Promote Gay Agenda.”

“Let’s replace LGBTQ with a “?” That covers the whole thing.”


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