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Ahead of Trump's Latino Campaign Relaunch, Florida Latinos Condemn Trump's Toxic Agenda and Broken Promises

As Donald Trump prepares his latest effort to try to distract the Latino community from his record, leaders representing the various diverse Latino communities in Florida held a news conference on Monday highlighting Trump’s toxic agenda and broken promises.

At the event, community leaders spoke about the ways in which Trump and the Republicans’ policies have specifically hurt Florida Latinos — including his tax scam and toxic health care agenda, SB 168, his child detention policy and his immigration policies.

Yesterday, the Florida Democratic Party also released a research memo detailing the facts about Trump’s record for the Latino community.

“It’s abundantly clear to us in the community, if Donald Trump wins – nothing good will come to our community,” said Latino Victory Fund’s Vice President Mayra Macias. “For almost four years now, Donald Trump and the GOP have waged an all-out attack to undermine health care for millions of Latinos — increasing costs through his sabotage efforts and trying to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Republicans ignore the fact that thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 8.8 million Latinos with private insurance gained access to expanded preventive services like cancer screenings and flu shots.”

“There are Cubans under orders of deportation that could be impacted by this operational raid order from this administration and in 2018 there are 463 Cubans who have been deported, many of them have not committed a crime,” said Dr. Frank Mora, member of the Cuban American community. “The problem with reunification is that the program still exists but it has been suspended under this administration, impacting 20,000 Cubans.”

“Trump continues to lie about the situation in Puerto Rico. He began by lying about the death count, and now he continues to lie by stating that Puerto Rico has been paid $90B in aid. If that were true and Puerto Rico would’ve received $90B in aid, so many Puerto Ricans would have access to the help they needed,” said Adriana Rivera, communications director for Alianza for Progress.

“As President Trump launches his Latino campaign in Florida, he has also denied Venezuelans a refuge in our state after they have fled the Maduro regime. Now, Trump has launched a Twitter video of him running again and again, practically saying that he will be president forever, which remind us of Chavez and Fidel,” said Evelyn Perez-Verdia, member of the Colombian community.

“Venezuelans are in vogue right now because Florida is a critical swing state,” said Liz Alarcon, member of the Venezuelan community. “Our community is politically astute, we know who’s with us, and Trump is not with us.”

“Since the Trump administration announced the raids, we have received so many calls in our office, including Venezuelans disproportionately impacted by SB 168. We are also getting calls from Cubans asking how to be prepared for this operation. It is very sad what is happening in our country, because of the raids, SB 168, and even with the citizenship question included in the census,” said Melissa Taveras, spokesperson for FLIC Votes. “But we are watching closely, and we will make an informed decision on Election Day, and we know who is standing for our community.”

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