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Florida Democratic Party Congratulates Our Presidential Hopefuls Finishing the First Debate Night

The Florida Democratic Party congratulates all of the presidential hopefuls that took part in the DNC’s first night of the first Democratic Presidential Primary Debate.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, stated:

“Our party’s first night’s slate talked about their ideas and shared their visions for the future with Floridians. They reminded the American people that Democrats are the party of ideas and the party for the people. Thank you to all of tonight’s candidates, and onward to the second night of the first Democratic Presidential Primary Debate tomorrow evening!”

Florida Democrats have already begun an aggressive effort to lay the infrastructure for the eventual Democratic nominee to win Florida in 2020: in partnership with the DNC’s Organizing Corp 2020 program, FDP has 90 field organizers on the ground who are working to register hundreds of thousands of voters ahead of the 2020 election, and FDP is making a multi-million dollar investment to organize and communicate with communities of color — including advertising in key outlets and the launch of a new, weekly Spanish language radio program on Radio Actualidad. Florida Democrats have also launched a year-round voter voter protection and education department.

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