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Pence's Visit to Florida Lays Bare Trump Administration's Hypocrisy

Pence’s visit to ex-felons job training center while the GOP is actively working to suppress former inmates’ right to vote exposes the Trump administration’s hypocrisy.

On July 26, Vice President Mike Pence visited the non-profit former inmate training center, Operation New Hope. His visit is a reminder that the Republican Party is working to create barriers to voting rights to ex-felons.

Jacksonville’s State Representative Tracie Davis stated:

“It’s ironic and hypocritical for Vice President Pence to come to Florida to talk about second chances for felons, while his party is actively trying to take away their right to vote by making them pay unnecessary fees and fines. If they wanted to help felons ‘create a new life’ they would ensure they had the right to vote, instead of continually trying to take away that right.”

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, stated:

“Pence’s visit to Operation New Hope, a charity that helps former inmates get back into the workforce, reminds us the administration doesn’t care about helping ex-felons –– his party is actively working to deny ex-felons the right to vote. This is yet another glaring example that he and the Trump administration play the part of caring about everyday people, but in reality, push policies that leave us all behind.”

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