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Florida Democrats Celebrated Social Security's 84th Birthday With Calls To Action

For Social Security’s 84th birthday, Democrats gathered in West Palm Beach on August 14, to celebrate and bring awareness to the important issues facing our seniors.

West Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger shared her story, “I’m a senior, I get it, I am on Social Security … it is one of the top priorities that Democrats are pushing right now.” Berger added “we need to honor social security, we need to honor the people who are on Social Security.”

Democratic activist and West Palm Beach resident, Sylvia Sharps, also spoke about what Social Security meant to her. “I work in the community with senior citizens … its not a gift to them. They work hard all of their lives, so they deserve to get the money that they put in so that they would have an income in order to live.” Sharps continued that “We need to do everything we can to protect Social Security.”

“Ensuring Social Security can meet its obligations should be a top priority for America,” said Alex Morash, press secretary for FDP. “If we do nothing, we could see its trust fund depleted in just 16 years. Making sure Social Security is solvent, such as passing the Social Security 2100 Act, is an issue for today’s seniors and for the seniors of tomorrow.”

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, also had a piece in the Miami Herald about the dire issues facing Social Security.

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