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Trump's Border Wall: Florida Loses $17 Million and Puerto Rico Loses $402 Million

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement after the abhorrent decision from the Trump Administration to divert more than $419 million from Florida and Puerto Rico projects to build his ineffective border wall:

“While the people in Puerto Rico and the Panhandle are still waiting for the allocated funds to recover after Hurricanes Maria and Michael, Donald Trump is diverting money not only needed to recover from natural disasters, but also to rebuild military construction buildings like Tyndall Air Force Base, posing a serious risk to our national security. The American people deserve a president willing to help them in times of need and to put our security first, but unfortunately what we are seeing in the White House is a selfish man looking to fulfill his empty campaign promises and run our country as his own business. America deserves better.”

In May, Trump visited Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida and promised service members that he would help rebuild structures during Hurricane Michael and build new buildings. Now he’s taking military construction funds from the base to build his border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for.

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