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Florida's Top Republicans Put Party Over Country Sticking with Trump

After the whistleblower report was released, Florida’s Republican leaders have leapt to Donald Trump’s defense. Governor Ron DeSantis launched a “Presidential Protection Fund,” Senator Rick Scott went “full partisan” in his defense of Trump, while Senator Marco Rubio showed his full hypocrisy, saying he doesn’t want to talk about the details, while also fundraising off of it.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, berated Florida’s Republican leaders for their appalling defense of Trump’s abuse of office:

“When it was revealed that Donald Trump tried to shake down a foreign government to assist in his reelection campaign, what did Governor Ron DeSantis do? Set up a presidential defense fund. What did Senator Rick Scott do? He blamed Democrats. And Senator Marco Rubio can’t seem to get the facts, despite sitting on the Intelligence Committee. It is appalling watching our so-called leaders try to explain away the president’s abuse of power. Florida’s highest-ranking Republicans continue to prove that they put party over country.”

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