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Two Years After Trump Tax Plan Rolled Out, Florida Families Paying the Price

Today marks two years since Donald Trump and congressional Republicans introduced their tax bill — promising to lift up Florida Families, but has instead helped millionaires, billionaires, and large corporations.

FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement on Trump’s record of Broken Promises to Florida Families:

“Donald Trump promised Floridians they would see a decrease in taxes — but instead the people who have benefited from his tax scam are millionaires like Rick Scott. Trump broke his promise to working families, choosing to give even bigger tax breaks to the very wealthiest, at the expense of children, students and Florida’s working families.”

In 2016 in Miami, Trump said “I’m going to lower your taxes substantially,” but instead his plan will end up raising taxes on 3.6 million middle-class Floridians, while the richest 1% of Florida taxpayers receive 40% of the state’s cuts this year. Corporations like AT&T received a $20 billion tax windfall — then laid off hundreds of workers in Florida.

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