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Florida Democrats Launch Digital Ads Highlighting Trump's Broken Promises to Seniors

As Donald Trump heads to The Villages on Thursday, hoping to avoid critics, the Florida Democratic Party announced they were greeting him with a digital ad campaign calling out his broken promises to Florida seniors on Medicare. The ads feature seniors from The Villages, who rely on Medicare, and are tired of Trump’s lies and empty rhetoric.

“His policies have directly impacted me,” said DeAnna Dean, a Villages senior who appears in the ad. “Donald Trump has done irreparable damage. He is not a Republican, he is not a Democrat. He is not for seniors. He is not for the military. He is for Donald Trump. Period.”

These ads will be targeted towards seniors throughout Florida and will appear on Facebook and YouTube.

“We have no doubt that Donald Trump will come to Florida and lie to Seniors as he has in the past, which is why we are calling him out,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo. “Florida Seniors rely on Medicare and Social Security. Trump has said he would protect Medicare and not cut it — but he has proposed hundreds of billions in cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Florida seniors are tired of his lies and broken promises.”

“Trump can cry for attention all he wants, but no amount of drama and spin will make our economy stronger, lower drug prices, or assist seniors on fixed incomes. Floridians are not buying it anymore. We hear him talk about providing relief for the victims of Hurricane Michael, but see him and Senate Republicans block disaster relief funds. We hear him claim he will defend Medicare, but see him propose expanding privatizing Medicare. We hear him claim he wants to make health care great, but see him try to get the courts to throw out the Affordable Care Act, putting the health care of millions at risk. We have heard Donald Trump make promises only to turn around and break them before. If we have learned anything about Trump, it’s that he lies.”


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