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Ross Spano Must Return Tainted Money He Took From 2018 Campaign Financiers

On Tuesday, embattled Congressman Ross Spano (FL-15) submitted his third quarter fundraising totals to the FEC and they weren’t pretty. Spano raised less in Q3 than he did in Q2, which was less than he raised in Q1.

Additionally, Spano’s new report revealed that he’s still holding onto thousands of dollars from the two individuals at the center of the scandal that’s triggered a new bipartisan House Ethics Committee investigation into Spano’s shady behavior: Cary Carreno and Karen Hunt.

A review of shows that Spano is still holding onto thousands of dollars in contributions from the duo to this day.

In response, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo called on Congressman Spano to fully rid himself of the tainted money:

“Congressman Spano is a career politician and when he took other people’s secret money to illegally finance his campaign, he knew what he was doing and he knew it was wrong. He even admitted it might have been illegal after the fact. Now, Congressman Spano is facing a bipartisan investigation into his finances and his latest finance report proves that he’s still holding onto his friends’ tainted money. He should return every penny of the thousands of dollars he took and apologize to his constituents.”

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