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Ron DeSantis Should Return All Money Raised at Events Hosted by Arrested Giuliani Associate

As the scope of the investigation into Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman widens, the Florida Democratic Party is calling for Ron DeSantis to return all money raised at events hosted by Parnas during his 2018 Gubernatorial campaign.

On at least two occasions during his campaign, Parnas served on the host committee for DeSantis Fundraisers, a position which requires you to donate or raise money for the campaign.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement, calling on DeSantis to return any money raised by Parnas:

“For now, only DeSantis and Parnas know how much money was raised into the DeSantis campaign by Parnas and his foreign investors. And for now, only DeSantis and Parnas know what influence was exchanged for the donations.

“As more is uncovered about Parnas’ scheme to influence U.S. elections, Floridians deserve more answers about how deep DeSantis relationship goes with him. All money associated with fundraisers hosted by Parnas should be returned immediately.”

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