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Florida Democratic Party Honors America's Veterans

The Florida Democratic Party honors the veterans of the United States this Veterans Day, and throughout the year, and gives thanks to our members of the military and our veterans for their service.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement:

“On this day 101 years ago, the United States and our allies signed an armistice with Germany that ended the First World War. It is an important day to reflect on how our country fought two World Wars with countries that were once our bitter enemies but many of these countries we now look to as allies.

“Our veterans are a shining example of freedom and democracy across the world. Coming from a family with a strong military tradition, I know the sacrifices our members of the armed services make to protect our country and make the world a safer place.

“Today we thank them, but we must fight for them year long. Our veterans deserve quality health care, housing security, and access to programs that ensure veterans a smooth transition from active duty back to civilian life. To truly honor our veterans, we must not stop fighting for them.”

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