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Florida Democrats Trained More Than 70 Potential Candidates in the Tampa Area

This weekend, over 70 people participated in the Municipal Victory Program candidate training. The training included potential candidates from multiple counties including Citrus, Polk, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Orange, Volusia and Pasco, where over 40 elections will be held from now to 2020.

The training focused on campaign fundamentals, from best practices to fundraising, political strategy, communications and how to maximize their digital and field operations. Trainings were led by Democratic campaign experts including political strategist Ashley Walker, finance expert Marley Wilkes, digital communications expert Ben Sharpe and field operation strategist Scott Kosanovich.

“We are taking these trainings all around the state and empowering potential candidates to be part of the next generation of leaders,” said Municipal Victory Program Director Lisa Peth. “Our goal is to recruit more candidates and provide them a platform to build a path to victory. We know that when more democrats run for office, more Democrats will get out and vote.”

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