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In Less Than 24-Hours, Over 1,000 People of Faith Sign Petition to Vote Against Trump in 2020

Click here to sign the petition to tell Trump his immoral actions cost him your vote.
In under 24-hours, more than 1,000 people of faith have signed an online petition stating that they will not be voting for Trump in 2020, citing his immoral actions as President. Christian Floridians are speaking out against Trump’s corrupt agenda ahead of his “Evangelicals for Trump” rally in Miami this evening. With 305 days until the election, it is clear that Trump is failing to shore-up a voting block he believes is critical to his re-election.

Read the full petition: “Trump is coming to Florida to talk about his Christian values, but his policies are immoral. From separating families to jeopardizing the healthcare of Floridians across the state, Trump’s presidency does not represent Christian values. As a person of faith, I will not be supporting Trump’s immoral agenda and therefore will not be voting for Trump in 2020.”

Ahead of Trump’s rally in Miami, pastors in Florida joined former lieutenant governor candidate Chris King in criticizing Trump for his manipulative, harmful agenda:

Politico“Ahead of Trump’s Friday appearance, Florida Democrats issued a letter signed by 12 Christian leaders from five Florida counties that appealed to the president: ‘We cannot stand idly by while you attempt to co-opt our religion for your political gain and claim support from our community.’ The letter decried Trump for pushing policies that it said are antithetical to Christian faith: ‘There is absolutely nothing good or virtuous about tearing immigrant families apart, cutting programs for the poor while giving hundreds of millions of tax cuts to the wealthiest among us, or threatening to take away health care from those with preexisting conditions — all of which are lynchpins of your agenda.’”

Florida Politics: “Doug Pagitt, a pastor and Executive Director of Vote Common Good, added that Trump’s rally was a ‘desperate’ attempt to keep ‘faith voters’ in line and ‘give cover for his broken promises and immoral policies.’”

Palm Beach Post: “Earlier Friday, however, the Florida Democratic Party held a telephonic press conference with three faith leaders who denounced Trump’s behavior and described his efforts to court evangelical voters as disingenuous. ‘Donald Trump is taking advantage of them for his own personal benefit,’ said Chris King, an Orlando businessman and former Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. ‘I think he shows disdain for believers all across country who want to see a president living the values of the gospels.’”

Bay News 9: “Hours before President Trump is scheduled to speak before thousands of supporters at a South Florida megachurch, faith leaders spoke out on how the president’s behavior and policies are losing him support with the religious community.”

Florida Phoenix: “With the president scheduled to hold an ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ rally at a Miami-Dade County church this evening, Democrat-aligned faith leaders accused Donald Trump of ‘co-opting’ religious leaders to propel his re-election campaign. Chris King, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in 2018 and a self-described evangelical Christian, said Trump’s hardline immigration policies, his ‘extraordinary effort to destroy the (federal) Affordable Care Act’ and his economic policies that have favored the wealthy are out of step with faith-based efforts to help the poor and disadvantaged.”

Highlights from the Florida Democratic Party’s press call are available here, and the open letter from faith leaders is available here.

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