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Ahead of Pence Visit, The Florida Democratic Party Launches Billboard Slamming Trump for Ineffective Response to Hurricane Maria

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Today the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) unveiled a billboard in Kissimmee slamming Trump for his ineffective response to Hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico. The billboard shows the infamous picture of Trump throwing rolls of paper towels to Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria with the phrase “PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR…” — translated to “never forget” in English — printed at the top. The billboard is located on the Florida Turnpike Southbound, before the Orange Blossom Trail exit.

Osceola County has one of the largest Puerto Rican populations in Florida and experienced a 22% increase in its Puerto Rican population in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The billboard will be up during Vice President Mike Pence’s event in Kissimmee and will run Monday through Sunday.

Fewer than 17% of Puerto Ricans in the Sunshine State support Trump, according to a Florida International University Poll in 2018, but Florida Democrats are not taking anyone for granted and are making early investments to engage voters leading up to the 2020 elections.

FDP Executive Director, Juan Peñalosa, made the following statement regarding the billboards:

“When the Americans in Puerto Rico needed President Trump the most, he threw paper towels at them instead of releasing federal emergency funds. Donald Trump is more interested in tweeting insults at his enemies than tackling spiraling healthcare costs, protecting American jobs, and the growing climate crisis. The billboards are a part of our effort to make sure that Trump’s lies, broken promises and ineffective management are exposed. We deserve a President that is focused on improving our lives — Trump is not that President.”

This is part of an ongoing campaign by the FDP to hold Trump accountable for his broken promises and ineffective leadership for the Latino community. Yesterday, the FDP hosted a canvass launch to register Latino voters in Kissimmee. Last Thursday, the FDP launched the petition Latinos Against Trump!, an effort to collect stories of community members impacted by Trump’s policies on healthcare. The petition is also available in Spanish.

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