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Florida Democratic Party Stands With Our Teachers, Students, And Public Schools

The Florida Democratic Party cheers on teachers, students, and families traveling from all around the state to join a rally for public schools outside Florida’s state capitol today.

The Florida Education Association (FEA) is leading a rally in support of public education with a coalition representing the many communities and stakeholders of public schools, including Al Sharpton. Activists, students, and teachers have come to Tallahassee to rally against the state GOP governments’ decade long disinvestment in public schools, low teacher pay, over-testing, and an ‘accountability system’ that punishes communities in poverty.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, released a statement in support of the teachers, students, and activists rallying for our public schools:

“Today, Florida ranks as one of the ten worst states for teacher pay. It is time for our Republican-controlled legislature to stop forcing public schools to compete with for-profit charter schools for public funds. Our schools are facing a teacher shortage crisis: At the beginning of this school year, over 300,000 students lacked a full-time, permanent teacher, students face over-testing, and Florida communities in poverty face a punitive system instead of the investment they need. Teachers and students today demand real support of our public schools, not just lip service from Republicans in charge of the budget.”

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