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Corrupt Carlos Countdown: Today is the Day

Giménez faced ethics probe for meeting with Trump – Trump gave him $15,000, plus deep family ties

With Corrupt Carlos Giménez poised to enter the race for Florida’s 26th Congressional district today, we are counting down his greatest hits of grift and corruption.

Today: ethics probes for shady golf meetings with Donald Trump.

FDP spokesperson Luisana Pérez Fernández released the following statement:

“Facing a competitive GOP primary featuring Trump’s biggest fan in South Florida, there’s no doubt Corrupt Carlos is hoping for Donald Trump’s blessing. In fact, they are golf buddies. When the two played a round together in 2015, Corrupt Carlos was swept up in an ethics probe. Corrupt Carlos’ own son lobbied for Trump, and Trump was a top contributor to Corrupt Carlos’ reelection campaign. Trump talks about draining the swamp, but the truth is Corrupt Carlos is as swampy as they come.”

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