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Florida Democratic Party Chair Rizzo’s Response to Trump’s False Promises on Medicare: “Actions Speak Louder than Tweets”

Trump is desperately trying to backtrack comments he made earlier this week that he would consider cutting entitlement programs “toward the end of the year.” Twenty-one percent of Florida’s population relies on Medicare and funding cuts to the program would have devastating consequences to millions of Floridians.

Trump frantically tweeted the same false promises he made to Florida voters in 2016: that he would “save” Medicare and Social Security. Trump already broke his promises by proposing a 2020 budget that would cut billions from these critical entitlement programs.

In response, Terrie Rizzo, Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman, released the following statement:

“Trump has made repeated attempts to slash billions from Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, even though he promised to protect them. Two days ago, he said he would cut Social Security and Medicare in 2020. Now he is trying to gaslight the American public and deny he said what we all heard. Make no mistake, if Donald Trump is given four more years as President, he will make good on his promise and gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”


Promise: “Believe me, we’re going to protect our Medicare. We’re going to protect our Social Security.” “A vote for Trump, is a vote for America first. It’s a vote to protect Medicare and social security. Believe me, we’re going to protect our Medicare. We’re going to protect our social security.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Panama City, FL, 10/11/16]

Promise: “We’re Going To Save Your Social Security Without All The Cutting And The Changes That These People Are Talking About.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Boca Raton, FL, 3/13/16]

Reality: Trump proposed slashing billions from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in his 2020 budget.

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