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RECAP: Corrupt Carlos Ineptitude On Full Display With Bungled And Delayed Congressional Rollout

Corrupt Carlos has second thoughts, invites new ethics investigation, and enthusiastically embraces Trump’s Miami arrival within hours of campaign launch in district Trump lost by 16 points.

Within hours of announcing his campaign for Congress, newly declared Trump lap-dog Corrupt Carlos Giménez dutifully waited in the rain on a Miami tarmac for President Trump’s arrival. Eager to be the first embraced by Trump in a district the president lost by 16 points in 2016, Corrupt Carlos excitedly recounted to a reporter that Trump remembered him from their previous golf outing together.

Today’s pathetic campaign launch follows a bungled attempted roll out just last week when the Miami Herald reported that Giménez was going to declare on January 15th. Giménez told his donors and supporters to get ready for an official launch after his final State of the County address.

But then, the Florida Democratic Party released a new ad entitled ‘El Corruptito’ and on Corrupt Carlos’s long record of enriching himself, his family, and his donors on the tax-payers’ dime. The ad revealed the no-bid tax-payer funded contracts he delivered to his friends and family, his tax-payer funded Mercedes-Benz, and his desperate attempt to sell his golf buddy Donald Trump a county golf course.

With Corrupt Carlos facing the truth about his misdeeds, January 15th came and went, with no campaign announcement. (whoops!)

The next day, after Corrupt Carlos pushed back his campaign launch, Miami-Dade workers rallied outside of County Hall against Giménez for freezing and cutting their pay while giving himself a 67% raise.

With Corrupt Carlos again facing the truth about even more misdeeds, last week came and went, again with no campaign announcement. (whoops again!)

Then, this week a government watchdog vowed to open a NEW ethics investigation into Corrupt Carlos after explosive text messages exposed his use of tax-payer funded staff for his own political gain.

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Mired in scandal, embroiled in a fresh ethics investigation, but with time running out to earn a previously elusive invite to join Trump at a closed door donor event: Corrupt Carlos finally announced his campaign for Congress, fully embracing his new role as Trump lap-dog. #MAGA

BUT WAIT! The bungled roll out doesn’t end there. Poor Corrupt Carlos still has to win a Republican primary in which immediately after his announcement, one of his opponents released a 30-second ad about…his corruption (nice to see some bipartisanship isn’t it?)

Now, fully tied to an unpopular President who lost this district by 16 points, Corrupt Carlos Giménez faces an uphill primary and a bruising general election. And recent history shows he is too thin-skinned for a battle.

Welcome to the race, Corrupt Carlos.

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