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Florida Democratic Party Chair Denounces Trump’s Cruel Scheme to Cut Medicaid and Deny Vulnerable Floridians Health Care

In a radical new attack on health care, Trump is again breaking his campaign promise to preserve Medicaid. Today, the Trump administration is rolling out a plan that would allow states to cap their Medicaid spending by receiving funding through block grants. Trump’s new funding scheme could reduce coverage, limit benefits, and threaten many individuals’ financial security.

Trump’s plan to use block grants instead of the pay-as-needed system would be absolutely devastating for Florida. Medicaid covers over 40% of all children and 1 in 9 adults in the Sunshine State.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement:

“Let’s call this what it is: another cruel scheme Trump cooked up to pay for his tax scam by denying people health care. Floridians will have a clear choice this November: vote for the Democrats, who have a strong record of protecting and expanding affordable health care, or for Donald Trump, who has spent three years hell-bent on destroying affordable health care options for Floridians.”


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In Florida, Medicaid Covers 4 Of Every 7 Nursing Home Residents. [Medicaid In Florida, Kaiser Family Foundation, October 2019]

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PROMISE: Trump At His 2016 Campaign Launch: “Save Medicare, Medicaid And Social Security Without Cuts. Have To Do It.” [Trump Campaign Announcement, New York NY, 6/16/15]

PROMISE: Trump On His Health Care Plan: “We Will Come Out With Something That Will Be So Good, So Much Less Expensive, So Much Better, It Will Be Wonderful. We’re Going To Take Care Of Everybody.” TRUMP: “We will come out with something that will be so good, so much less expensive, so much better, it will be wonderful. We’re going to take care of everybody, we’re going to take care of everybody.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Jacksonville FL, 8/3/16]

PROMISE: Trump: “We’re Going To Have Great Healthcare. By The Way, For A Fraction Of The Price. Much Less Expensive.” TRUMP: “We’re going to end up having great, great healthcare. Trust me. I know a lot about healthcare. We’re going to have great healthcare. By the way, for a fraction of the price. Much less expensive. Do you see the deductibles, what’s going on with the deductibles? If you don’t get hit by a tractor, you’re near death and you might even have to go all the way to collect, but you’re near death. For a long period of time, you’ll never make your deductible. Forget it. We’re going to have great, great healthcare, okay?” [Trump Campaign Rally, Tampa Bay FL, 3/14/16]

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