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FDP Chair on Trump's Threat to Block Aid for Puerto Rico

Today, The Washington Post reported that Trump is threatening to veto aid to Puerto Rico after earthquakes damaged the island. On Friday, the House of Representatives, under Democratic leadership, is planning to vote for a $4.7 billion emergency aid package to help Puerto Rico to recover from this natural disaster.

FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo, released the following statement in response:

“Here we go again. Trump has consistently failed Puerto Ricans since he took office — he has neglected to distribute the billions of dollars in aid that Congress approved following Hurricane Maria’s devastation; he ignored the island during his recent State of the Union Address; and now, he is threatening to veto necessary aid after major earthquakes further damaged the island.

“Democrats have proven that they follow through on their promises to Puerto Rico and continue to vote for necessary disaster recovery aid. Trump’s negligence is inexcusable and will be the reason Trump loses Florida in 2020 when thousands of Puerto Ricans living in Florida vote him out.”

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