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Donald Trump's Top 5 Broken Promises to Floridians

Today Trump is campaigning in Florida to spin his administration’s failed policies that threaten Florida families across the state. Here are Trump’s top 5 broken promises to Floridians:


PROMISE: “We’re going to have great health care. By the way, for a fraction of the price. Much less expensive.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Tampa Bay FL, 3/14/16]

REALITY: Trump went to court to overturn the ACA, which could jeopardize health care coverage for over 1.5 million Floridians. It could also threaten 3.5 million Floridians with pre-existing conditions that are protected under the ACA.


PROMISE: “I’m going to lower your taxes substantially.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Miami FL, 9/16/16]

REALITY: Trump’s tax scam will hike taxes on 3.6 million middle-class Floridians, while the richest 1% of Florida taxpayers receive 40% of the state’s cuts this year.


PROMISE: “Believe me, we’re going to protect our Medicare. We’re going to protect our Social Security.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Panama City FL, 10/11/16]

“A vote for Trump, is a vote for America first. It’s a vote to protect Medicare and Social Security. Believe me, we’re going to protect our Medicare. We’re going to protect our social security.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Ocala FL, 10/12/16]

REALITY: Trump’s latest budget proposal would slash billions of dollars from the social safety net.


PROMISE: “You know what we want? You know what we want? We want really beautiful clean air, right? We want really crystal, crystal clean water and we want safety.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Tampa FL, 11/5/16]

REALITY: Trump’s latest budget proposal radically cuts the Environmental Protection Agency by 26% and other important agencies that protect our environment. It also would cut the Superfund program –which cleans up toxic waste– by 10%.


PROMISE: “Trump Administration Bars Oil Drilling Off Florida After Governor’s Plea” [Reuters, 1/9/18]

REALITY: POLITICO: “The Trump administration is considering auctioning off Florida’s coastal waters for oil and gas drilling — and Republicans are warning it could cost the president dearly in Florida in the 2020 election. The idea is so politically toxic in Florida that past presidents haven’t even entertained it. But behind the scenes, oil and gas interests are appealing to Trump’s desire to turbocharge U.S. energy production, including his past openness to drilling off the Florida coast.” [Politico, 4/10/19]

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