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Florida Democratic Party Held Voter Reg. Blow Out Weekend Of Action Ahead Of Tuesday’s Deadline

The Party Saw A Staggering 800+ Volunteer Shifts And Collected Nearly 1,000 Voter Registration Forms This Past Weekend

The Florida Democratic Party’s weekend of action topped all previous voter registration efforts by FDP this cycle — with over 800 volunteers at 200+ events across the state.

The party is gearing up for the 2020 general election by building the electorate needed to win. The Florida Democratic Party has invested $5.2 million into campaign efforts with a goal of registering 200,000 voters and completing 80,000 volunteer shifts before the general election begins in August.

This is a steep departure from previous election cycles that saw Republicans secure the narrowest of victories in years in which the Florida Democratic Party logged fewer than 4,000 volunteer shifts and registered fewer than 20,000 voters in advance of the general election.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, was proud of the work of party organizers, volunteers, and party officials:

“Enthusiasm is at an all-time high in Florida! Hundreds of volunteers fanned out across the state to register voters and ensure voters understand what is at stake in this election. The number of volunteers who showed up this weekend is more evidence of the excitement among Democrats to take back the Florida legislature and kick Donald Trump out of the White House.”

Rizzo attended one of the 200+ events held by Florida Democrats in Lake Worth.

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