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Florida Democrats Teach Voters How to Vote By Mail on Facebook Live

The Florida Democratic Party held a Facebook Live event today to discuss how voters can request a mail-in ballot and vote by mail.

Chris Hill, the Florida Democratic Party Statwide Engagement and Outreach Director, and Alex Morash, Statewide Press Secretary, discussed the importance of voting by mail and taught viewers how to request and mail in a ballot.

Florida’s Democratic Presidential Preference Primary is March 17. Voters who want to vote by mail and have the ballot mailed to them must request it by close of business day on March 7, 2020. They can visit FL.Dems.Vote/mail for information on requesting a ballot.


To assist voters in navigating the vote by mail process with ease, Hill and Morash guided viewers through the whole process and why the Florida Democratic Party is encouraging many to vote by mail this election cycle.

Hill explained the convenience of vote-by-mail: “It’s easy — you can do it from home. You get a ballot in the mail well in advance of the election. You have time to look over the candidates, look over the ballot, and vote from your couch.” Morash added that often “more down-ballot candidates get votes because people have that extra time to look at it.”

Morash also discussed that people don’t have to wait until after Super Tuesday to vote, they can turn in their ballot whenever they like — he even mentioned he turned his ballot in the day before:

“I know some have been saying you should wait for a particular time to vote, and I think a lot of people should know there is absolutely no reason for that. Voters have every right to decide when they want to mail in their ballot, up to the deadline.”

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