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Ahead of Pence Fundraiser, Florida Democrats Slam Trump for Giving Tax Breaks to Billionaires

Tomorrow Vice President Pence is returning to Florida to fundraise for the National Republican Congressional Committee in Sarasota and speak to the right-wing group, Club for Growth in West Palm Beach. In response, FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement:

“Pence is coming to Florida to peddle Trump’s economy to the only people who are actually benefiting from it: those at the top. Trump has been such an ineffective president that his biggest accomplishment in office has been giving billionaires a massive tax cut, while breaking countless promises to the middle class and the poor.”

Trump’s Tax Scam Benefits the Rich, Hurts Middle-Class

PROMISE: “I’m Going To Massively Lower Your Taxes. That’s Businesses and That’s Middle Income. That’s Everybody.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Fort Meyers, FL, 9/19/16]

REALITY: Trump’s tax scam will hike taxes on 3.6 million middle-class Floridians.

REALITY: In 2020, The Richest 5% Of Florida Taxpayers Will Receive 61% Of The State’s Share Of Tax Cuts Under The Republican Tax Bill. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 8/28/19]

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