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Ahead of Latest Trump Visit, Florida Democrats Launch New Campaign Slamming Trump for Failed Health Care Policies

FDP Launches “Fight for Health Care Tour” along I-4 with Orlando Billboard Contrasting Trump’s Failed Policies With Democratic Health Care Agenda

Ahead of Donald Trump’s upcoming visit, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) is launching a campaign to hold Trump accountable for his three years of failed health care policies, contrasting the president’s repeated attempts to reduce access to care with the Democratic agenda to expand affordable, accessible health care.
The campaign includes a “Fight for Health Care Tour” along the I-4 Corridor and a billboard in Orlando contrasting the Trump and Democratic health care agendas. The billboard is in English and Spanish and will run Monday, March 9th through Sunday, March 15th.

The “Fight for Health Care Tour” is a series of roundtable discussions with FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo and local health care stakeholders, from medical professionals to community leaders to patients with pre-existing conditions. The tour will take place along the I-4 corridor Thursday, March 12th and Friday, March 13th. More details forthcoming.

FDP Executive Director Juan Peñalosa released the following statement regarding the “Fight for Health Care Tour” along I-4 and the Orlando billboard:

“Trump is not working for people struggling to pay their medical bills, he’s working for big corporations trying to increase their profits. We can’t afford another four years of a president who prioritizes corporate interests over people with pre-existing conditions.

“Florida Democrats are crisscrossing the state to let voters know what is at stake in 2020: your health care. A Donald Trump victory means an end to the Affordable Care Act, an end to pre-existing condition protections and billions cut from Medicare. Democrats have a record of expanding affordable healthcare and, unlike the President, we have plans for every single American to access quality care.”

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