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FDP Executive Director Highlights Record Democratic Vote By Mail, Early Vote Ahead of Primary

I wanted to share updated in-person early vote and vote by mail numbers. Democrats voted in record numbers ahead of Election Day, showing that Floridians are energized and committed to defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

Here are the numbers as of Monday — with additional vote-by-mail ballots returned today and overseas mail ballots still to be counted, the margins over 2016 will increase:

  2016 2020
  Democrats Democrats
Vote by Mail 520,035 661,595
In Person Early Vote 369,172 443,203
Total Early (EV and VBM) 889,207 1,104,798
Early Turnout (EV and VBM) 19.46% 21.70%
Total Turnout for Election 37.40% TBD

Though we don’t yet have election day turnout numbers, the novel coronavirus pandemic has made it abundantly clear that our voting methods need to be modernized to evolve with the changing world. Our government should be expanding programs like vote-by-mail so people can vote securely and safely in their own home.

In 2018, the Florida Democratic Party enrolled nearly 500,000 new Democrats into vote-by-mail. In response, Republicans in the state legislature limited the window of time in which voters can enroll in vote-by-mail. We need to revisit those changes, expanding vote-by-mail, not limiting it.

The Florida Democratic Party is committed to ensuring every voice is heard and every vote counts. As we move toward the general election, we will continue to advocate for safe and secure voting methods such as vote by mail.

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