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POST-SESSION MEMO: Republican Legislators Deliver More Broken Promises to the People of Florida

This Thursday marks the end of the 2020 Legislative Session, and once again Republican donors and special interests made out like bandits while working Floridians were short changed. While Democratic champions fought against efforts to undermine workers’ rights, dismantle our democracy, and destroy Florida’s economy, the Republicans focused on spreading Trump and DeSantis’ divisive and toxic agenda in the State of Florida.

This Legislative session should have been an opportunity to make sure all Floridians could access affordable health care, workers’ rights were protected and help Florida working families. Instead, over the past two months Florida Republicans focused their efforts in passing an extreme and radical agenda that hurt people across the state.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement after Sine Die:

“Republicans spent the past two months passing an extreme agenda that doesn’t address, much less solve, the urgent challenges Floridians are facing. They failed to help Floridians by refusing to expand access to health care, ignoring the urgent challenges Floridians are grappling with daily. The Republican Legislature and Gov. DeSantis have taken a page from Donald Trump’s playbook, giving handouts to their donors and special interests while delivering broken promises to the people of Florida.”

Here’s a rundown of how Republicans failed Floridians:

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