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Florida Democrats Modernize Elections With Online Toolkit Supporting Local Candidates, Reap Municipal Wins Statewide

While many election analysts were focused on Florida’s Presidential Preference Primary last week, the Florida Democratic Party also celebrated a number of wins in local municipal elections, thanks in part to a digital toolkit and online program developed to support Democratic candidates. The online resources are part of a shift to modernize elections and campaigning through more use of technology, greater vote by mail participation and increased early voting.

Democrats flipped 14 municipal seats held by Republican/No Party Affiliation to Democratic officeholders. Ten of those were held by Republicans prior to last Tuesday’s election. Republicans managed to defeat three Democrats and three officeholders with no party affiliation. The Democrats flipped seats on both coasts and across the Sunshine State.

The Florida Democratic Party announced a new online program last year, Campaign Blueprint, which was the backbone of the Municipal Victory Program. One of the program’s goals included recruiting and training Democrats at the local level, just as many Republicans have done for years with their candidates.

The online campaign resource includes everything a candidate needs to know in order to run a successful campaign. The Candidate Toolbox features videos, documents, worksheets and guides that cover Getting Started, Messaging, Targeting, Communications, Online Tools and Vendors, Budget, Fundraising, Field, and Compliance.

“We launched Campaign Blueprint in 2019 with a goal of recruiting, training and supporting candidates to win at the local level, and that is exactly what we did,” FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo said. “Florida Democrats flipped three times as many local races as Republicans in the March elections, and we aren’t stopping now. We are going to continue to organize and take back our state at every level of government.”

The party is continuing to modernize elections and develop more vote by mail and early voting programs in the current coronavirus environment, and plans to announce more digital outreach programs in the next several days.

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