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Florida Democrats Chairwoman: "Fight for Affordable Care Act Must Continue"

This week marks both the ten year anniversary since President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the one year anniversary since President Donald Trump decided to back the lawsuit to repeal this legislation. To recognize the ACA’s critical importance in Florida and in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo penned an op-ed for the Orlando Sentinel.

We all are in the middle of a serious pandemic. We need every tool in our toolbox to make sure Floridians stay healthy and can afford the care they need. Yet Donald Trump is still recklessly pushing to eliminate an essential tool to deal with this health care crisis: the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Trump himself, the man leading the charge to eliminate the ACA, has even relied on its provisions to fight the spread of coronavirus. Most importantly, he has said coronavirus testing should be an “essential benefit,” calling on health insurers to make it free for patients.

If Trump succeeds in his lawsuit against the ACA, he has absolutely no plan for the 1.9 million Floridians who get their health insurance on the ACA exchange. Last year Florida had the highest rate of ACA enrollment out of any state in the country.

Two weeks ago Trump played golf and fundraised for his re-election at Mar-a-Lago instead of spending his time preparing us for a crisis he was warned about back in January. While Trump is finally taking steps in the right direction, he is still playing catch-up as coronavirus spreads.

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