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ICYMI: Tampa Bay Times’ Already botched, unemployment website failing

The Tampa Bay Times highlighted today a crucial fact in the broken unemployment system that is currently failing Florida’s unemployed. As serious as the website’s failings are in impeding the ability of unemployed persons to file a claim on the state website, even worse is that people will also not be able to access the federal unemployment benefits recently passed in the Congressional stimulus package signed into law last week.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo commented on the tragic consequences of the broken website:

“Over 74,000 Floridians filed for unemployment in the third week of March, but those are most likely only a fraction of the people who are truly unemployed and can’t successfully file a claim at all. If they can’t file a state claim, they face a Catch-22 that denies them federal relief also. Congressional leaders should be aware that the $600 a week in relief they intended for the recently unemployed may be denied to those who need it the most here in Florida.”

Highlights from the Tampa Bay Times “Ron DeSantis was warned about Florida’s broken unemployment website last year, audit shows”:

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