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Florida Democratic Party to Hold Vote-By-Mail Twitter Town Hall Tomorrow


As Trump lies about vote-by-mail in a raw attempt to suppress the vote, Florida Democrats shine a spotlight on this safe and effective method of voting.

On Friday, April 10th at 5:00 p.m., the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) will host a Twitter town hall to highlight the benefits of vote-by-mail and tackle common misconceptions about this method of voting using the hashtag #MailTheVoteFL. As Donald Trump continues to spread misinformation about the safety and efficacy of vote-by-mail in a blatant attempt to suppress the vote, Florida Democrats continue to shine a light on this reliable and safe method for Floridians to vote during this time of uncertainty.

Last month, FDP and the Democratic National Committee announced a campaign to text 1 million Florida Democrats to enroll in vote-by-mail. In 2018, FDP executed a one million dollar program to increase vote-by-mail participation and helped sign up more than 578,000 new Democrats to vote remotely. Record vote-by-mail turnout is the reason why more Democrats voted in the 2020 Florida primary compared to 2016, despite lower in-person turnout on election day.

You may participate or follow the town hall via the hashtag #MailTheVoteFL.

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