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Floridians Call on Gimu00e9nez to Break with Trump and Support Access to Healthcare

Despite weeks of pressure from Florida’s Members of Congress, Donald Trump has refused to open a new special enrollment period under the ACA for people to sign up for insurance.

Corrupt Carlos Giménez, who launched his campaign with Donald Trump, has fallen in line, even praising Trump for his coronavirus response:


“Mayor Giménez should call on Donald Trump to reopen the ACA exchanges,” said Clotilde Tamers of Kendall. “While our community is suffering, I expect our leaders to be looking out for us, not playing political games.”

Toby Rohr from Key Biscayne: “Mayor Giménez claims to be a problem-solver, so I hope he will step up to the plate and tell leaders in his own party to expand access to healthcare now. He has the President’s ear and an opportunity to make a real difference for Miami-Dade residents like me.”

Mariella Vasquez from West Kendall: “I hope Giménez will put people over partisanship and do what’s right by calling for a special enrollment period now. Access to healthcare is crucial for my community right now, and I expect our Mayor to help us get that access.”

“As Corrupt Carlos Giménez stands with Donald Trump, he is leaving many South Florida’s working families without healthcare in this emergency,” said FDP Deputy Communications Director Luisana Pérez Fernández. “Carlos Giménez: we demand you do what’s right for the people you hope to represent. Call on Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis to immediately open a special enrollment period.”

Nearly 3 million Floridians were living without health insurance. New data today from the Department of Labor shows 16 million new people have filed for unemployment insurance over the past three weeks. Many of these workers may lose employer-sponsored plans as the economic effects of the coronavirus worsen.

And new polling shows the decision not to open a special enrollment period is a “political loser,” polling at -20% among voters.

But Corrupt Carlos has pledged his fealty to Trump, and his coronavirus response has been in lockstep with DeSantis. Both are opposed to a special enrollment period.

More details on yesterday’s Morning Consult/Politico poll:

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