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President Trump Is Acting Like a Caudillo, Again

As our nation mourns more than 23,000 people lost to COVID-19, President Trump is obsessed with his own image and power. He has recently attacked members of the press, made false claims about the effectiveness of his response to the pandemic, and claimed his “authority as the president is total” in regards to re-opening the economy.

Florida Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director, Luisana Pérez Fernández responded:

“It is deeply concerning that Donald Trump believes his authority is ‘total’. He is acting like a ‘caudillo,’ or a demagogue from those regimes that many of us left behind. While Trump inflates his sense of self and uses authoritarian practices, Americans are still struggling to obtain tests, unemployment benefits, and the care they need during these difficult times. We can’t allow four more years of Trump’s chaotic and self-obsessed governance.”

Yesterday, Trump:

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