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Democrats Unify as Trump Attempts to Divide

While Donald Trump desperately –and unsuccessfully– attempts to divide the party, Democrats are enthusiastically rallying behind Vice President Joe Biden. Most recently, former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren endorsed Joe Biden for President yesterday saying, “it’s more important than ever that the next President restores Americans’ faith in good, effective government.”

Warren joined former President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders who endorsed Biden earlier this week.

Statement from Terrie Rizzo, Florida Democratic Party Chair:

“We have an experienced leader in former Vice President Joe Biden who has now been endorsed by key party leaders including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former President Barack Obama, who won the backing of Florida voters twice, in 2012 and 2016. We are proud to go forward with Joe Biden at the top of our ticket, and with his leadership we are confident that we will win Florida in November.”

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