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Gimu00e9nez owes it to the people of South Florida: stand up to Trump and get stimulus checks out

Giménez to Trump, March 20: “Thank You For Your Strong Leadership During The COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The Washington Post reported that President Trump is slowing the delivery of critical stimulus checks to Americans, in order to print his name on them.

This appalling exercise in narcissism comes just weeks after Corrupt Carlos Gimenez went out of his way to praise Trump for his leadership in this crisis, saying in a letter: “thank you for your strong leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Yet his words truly come as no surprise given how closely Gimenez has mirrored Trump’s response throughout the pandemic. Most recently, Gimenez moved to reopen Miami-Dade County, following Trump’s reckless timeline, even as COVID-19 continues to spread across the county and state.

Of course Corrupt Carlos has shaped his entire candidacy around Trump, timing his entire congressional campaign launch around Trump.

And regarding the President’s absurd and egregious ego trip, Corrupt Carlos has stayed silent.

“As Corrupt Carlos Giménez stands by silently, the President’s ego trip is allowing people in South Florida to suffer,” said FDP Deputy Communications Director Luisana Pérez Fernández. “Carlos Giménez must immediately call on Trump to put his vanity project aside and rush relief to Floridians now.”

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