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Florida Democratic Party Chair Rizzo on Trump Suspending Immigration During Coronavirus Crisis

Today, Donald Trump announced that he will “suspend immigration,” including a pause in issuing green cards, impacting thousands of people seeking to reunite with family members or continue working in the United States. Pro-immigrant organizations and business groups have opposed Trump’s actions, and called it a populist move to help with his reelection efforts in November. The Trump Administration is using the public health crisis to advance his anti-immigrant agenda.

After the announcement, FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo released the following statement:

“Once again, Donald Trump is using immigrants as scapegoats for his own failures during this pandemic. Instead of providing immigrant frontline workers with the basic protection they need to stay safe while keeping our economy and country afloat, Trump is using his old campaign tactic to shift the blame to immigrants and advance his xenophobic and divisive agenda.”

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