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As Opening Briefs Defending ACA Submitted to SCOTUS, Rep. Wasserman Schultz, Chair Rizzo, Health Care Advocates Slam Trump for Jeopardizing Health Care Coverage During Pandemic

Today as Democratic attorneys general and the House of Representatives submit opening briefs in California v. Texas to defend the Affordable Care Act, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) convened a virtual news conference with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz; FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo; Tracey Corn, a mother of two daughters born with pre-existing conditions, and Wes Hodge, a cancer survivor and Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.

The Affordable Care Act is incredibly popular in Florida, where more people signed up for health insurance through the ACA exchange than any other state. If Trump succeeds in dismantling the ACA, 2 million Floridians could lose their health care and an estimated 3 million Floridians with pre-existing conditions could be denied coverage or see their insurance costs rise.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, U.S. Representative for FL- 23

“I can’t let it pass that we’re still having this fight during a global health pandemic. Let that sink in. With more than 70,000 people dead from the coronavirus pandemic that may take years to conquer, we should be doing all we can to expand the world of people with coverage, not contract it.”

[…] “The people with the most to lose in the gutting of the ACA are people with pre-existing conditions and that’s the very same population that is vulnerable to the coronavirus.”

[…] “You do not dismantle your nation’s health care protections amid a global pandemic unless you want to increase deaths, further overwhelm your health system, and financially kneecap millions of hardworking families. And you certainly don’t do it without a replacement plan.”

Terrie Rizzo, Florida Democratic Party Chair

“As we have witnessed directly, Donald Trump cannot be trusted with our health care. His response to the coronavirus pandemic has ranged from negligent to chaotic — and we truly cannot afford another four years of his erratic leadership, especially when it jeopardizes our health and safety.

“Luckily, we have an opportunity to vote for someone in November we can trust with our health care. Former Vice President Joe Biden not only helped pass the Affordable Care Act ten years ago, but has a plan to strengthen this legislation to make health care more affordable and accessible for Americans.”

Wes Hodge, cancer survivor and Chair of Orange County Democrats

“It’s been nearly a decade that Republicans have been trying repeatedly to kill my access to health care while offering absolutely nothing in return. We wake up every single morning wondering ‘is today the day they decide if the Affordable Care Act is going to be taken away.’

Tracey Corn, mother of two daughters with pre-existing conditions

“As a parent of two daughters with chronic pre-existing conditions, worrying about their health care treatment and what’s best for them is hard enough to manage, but the fact that their own government is trying to take that access away and that care away is just unfathomable.”

“I find it very ironic that today, when our very own government is preparing for yet another fight to take away health care, that our country is facing the greatest health care crisis in our nation’s history.”

[…] “The protections in the ACA allow me to pay $12.50 a week for this shot that my daughter takes instead of $750 a week. I know a lot of families struggle with an extra $50 a month for prescription costs, but I don’t know many that can handle $3,000 a month extra in their costs. What we need is leadership and a government that puts the needs of its people first, not one that forces families to make just unthinkable choices for their children’s health care.”

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