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Corrupt Carlos fails Miami residents on transportation and traffic

Giménez highway is an “ill-conceived waste of taxpayer and toll payer money” – and he sets the stage to give $60m of taxpayer money to political cronies and donors

Corrupt Carlos Giménez continues to fail Miami-Dade residents on one of our most critical challenges: reducing traffic and improving public transportation. This week, two of Corrupt Carlos’ favorite hair-brained transportation schemes are back in the news:

“Miami-Dade residents are stuck in traffic and demanding better public transportation. Rather than solving the problem, Corrupt Carlos Giménez is doling out favors to his political cronies,” said FDP Deputy Communications Director Luisana Pérez Fernández. “This week’s headlines demonstrate again that Corrupt Carlos flagrantly misuses taxpayer money to benefit his inner circle while he does nothing for working people.” 

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